Case Study

The Sleep Superstore

eCommerce Website Build & Online Course Setup

Qualified nutritionist and future-face of the health world, Daniel White, set up The Sleep Superstore in an attempt to reverse the public’s poor sleeping habits, in a bid to improve their general health in the process. The site would mainly feature an eCommerce store, as well as a blog where Daniel could educate his followers of the importance of good sleep.

Daniel knew that he wanted a minimalistic approach to the website, so we agreed to keep the overall design very simple and let the products do the talking, especially his colourful blue-light blocking glasses! The benefit of this was that there was nothing substantial in terms of design to slow the site down which, accompanied by the simple layout, made it a smooth experience for anyone roaming the site.

Although the site seemed pretty simple on the face of it, we also worked on building an online course that would be built into the back-end of the site, which subscribers could purchase from the online store and access once they’d logged into the site. I can confirm that everything went smoothly and that Daniel already has had great success with the course – not that I doubted him 🙂

After working with Daniel on The Sleep Superstore, we also began working on a new website for his Nutritionist business, which you can find here.

Much like we did for The Sleep Superstore, Daniel wanted a minimalistic approach for his personal brand, however this time he wanted all of the content to be featured on a single landing-page, as opposed to your standard website with multiple pages. To improve the user experience we included many buttons and anchor links throughout the page which would have you scroll down to your desired section automatically. All of which eventually lead to the main call-to-action; the contact form.

You can check out Daniel’s video testimonial below:

As you can probably imagine having already worked with Daniel on two different projects, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on him on these websites. Based on my personal experience of working with Daniel, and reading through all of the written content that he’s provided me with, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his service when it comes to improving your diet, sleep and general health.