Case Study

Millennium Financial Services

Website Build & Branding Package

They say that you should treat all clients equally, but I can’t lie… Selena Lawrence might just be my favourite.

It was such a joy working with her on this project, mostly due to how easy-going and positive she was towards the whole thing. It’s a breath of fresh air when a client gives you the freedom to just do your own thing!

We initially met on Fiverr, believe it or not, after Selena had been referred to me by a dear friend, Adeel. Originally, we worked on building her a landing page for a specific aspect of her business, but after some further digging, it became clear to me that she would be better off with a fully-fledged website.

That’s when we began working on, a professional credit repair website that would have users book a consultation with Selena, to discuss how they could potentially improve their credit score.

Not only did we work on building a new website together, but Selena also needed help with her branding too.

Up to this point, Selena had been using a generic, text-based logo for her business – which we both agreed wasn’t a fair representation of how professional the service is.

After speaking with Selena, I managed to get a good understanding of what she was after in terms of the logo design. The end result was a concept that would combine two credit cards to form an upward-facing arrow. This would signify the improving credit scores of Selena’s (future) clients.

This design was combined with a modern font that would match the feel of the overall logo, as well as stand out on most backgrounds and surfaces. You can check out the before and after of Millennium Financial Services‘ logos below…

The before & after of Millennium Financial Service’s logo designs.

The best part of the project for me though was the ‘about’ page. Selena had been tasked with putting together a story of who she is, what the business does and also how she can help others.

Unfortunately, Selena had been suffering from major writer’s block, which resulted in me receiving an email from her titled “It’s trash” haha. That being said, she was self-aware enough to realise that the copy could be improved upon and, as such, asked for my help.

We took the time to talk through her story of how she started her business, and as a result, I got to know her on a much deeper level.

Listening to Selena talk through her past struggles, not only to turn her own life around but also to build her own credit repair business, I felt compelled to tell her story in a way that she fully deserved.

I won’t give too much info away here, but if you would like to read the story and also find out if/how Selena can help you to improve your credit score, you can read the story here!