Case Study

KFit Gym & Fitness Centre

Facebook Ads & Chatbot Automation for Local Gym

Back when I first started out with my website design & online marketing business, I tried my hand at cold calling businesses which I felt I could help with my services. A couple of days into my efforts I managed to get through to Karl, owner of the KFit Gym & Fitness Centre in Birmingham, UK. At first he was a bit reluctant to speak to me due to the amount of cold calls he receives, but after some convincing we ended up ‘chatting’ for nearly an hour.

Karl told me about how he a rival gym had just set up around the corner, and that he was struggling more than ever to keep his business alive. At that point all of his client acquisition work was very manual. To Karl, social media marketing meant boosting a post on Facebook – which I almost always advise against.

Instead we discussed the potential of setting up a paid Facebook Ad strategy, combined with an automated chatbot for Messenger. This meant that we could target potential gym-goers within the area and have them message through to the Facebook page. Once they message the page, they would be greeted with pre-set messages that would offer them a unique code to claim a free trial at the gym & sign up to the gym’s newsletter.

After the trial was over, the messenger bot would automatically follow up with the gym member asking them if they’d like to purchase a discounted membership at the gym, which could be paid for within the messenger app itself via Stripe! The results of the ads and chatbot setup worked wonders for Karl and his gym.

You can check out Karl’s video testimonial below:

After helping to bring in new clients for the KFit Gym & Fitness Centre, Karl has since entrusted me with creating an eCommerce website for his new business venture. More news to come on that front. This is why I always take pride in providing the best service possible, no matter what that service might be.