Case Study

Hawk Business Group

IT Solutions Website Re-Design & Domain Transfer

Kellye Dash is not only a bright, positive soul from Florida, she’s also the founder of Hawk Business Group, a company that specialises in all of your online & technological needs. If you’ve got a systems problem, I’d bet Kellye can solve it.

I was first introduced to Kellye when she found my Facebook group, The Entrepreneur Group last year, and I was impressed by how willing she was to share free information to her fellow entrepreneurs without any expectation of anything in return. She had mentioned however that she was struggling to acquire any sales because she wasn’t too happy with her website – and that’s where I offered to help.

As Kellye had previously created her existing website herself using, she already knew what she wanted in terms of design, she just needed help in replicating it. My first job was to help Kellye transfer her domain over to the open-source version of WordPress (.org) and away from the very limited .com version. We moved her site over to Siteground, who I recommend to all of my clients because of their fast servers, great offers and fantastic customer support.

After the transfer was complete, which took 48 hours to process, I began building the new site from scratch. I had taken screenshots of all the pages from Kellye’s previous website for reference, and created my own spin on what she was originally looking to achieve. I had also exported all of the written content, including the blog posts, from the old website prior to the transfer – and uploaded them to the new site with no issues.

Similarly to other projects I’ve worked on, I had concerns over Kellye’s choice of colour scheme for her previous website. There didn’t seem to be much consistency and there was a clash of colours which lacked identity and made the content difficult to read. After studying some of Kellye’s informational videos on social media, I noticed her love of the colour red which then inspired the simple colour scheme I came up with for the site.

You can check out Kellye’s testimonial video here:

At the end of the day I want all of my clients to succeed, so I’m not afraid to lend my opinions based on my experience and understanding, to help achieve the best possible result for my client. Not only will that inspire repeat business and referrals, it helps me to sleep a little easier at night too 🙂

It was a pleasure working with Kellye on this project, and we still keep in touch to this day regarding new projects and maintenance/upgrades for the site. If you’re in need of some technological solutions, including Security Preparedness, Infrastructure Support and Project Co-ordination & Facilitation, then feel free to drop Kellye a message at Hawk Business Group today.