How To Get Facebook Ad Management Clients

Are you a Facebook Ad manager looking for new clients? If so, then you realise how difficult it can be to convince potential clients that you can in fact bring them more sales. Reason being is because the market is somewhat overcrowded with other ‘ad managers’ who fail to live up to their promises and completely rip off their clients. In this post i’ll show you how to get Facebook Ad clients and grow your social media marketing business.

If you’re an ad manager worth his or her salt, then you’ll know that retargeting ads play a crucial role in getting results for your clients. With that being said, you’ll want to contact companies that are already running paid ads on Google, because you already know that they’re paying for advertising (obviously). You’ll be providing these companies with the final piece of their sales funnel. The idea is that they’ll have an abundance of website visitors from their Google ads, however without retargeting those visitors, they’re effectively leaving money on the table. That’s where you come in.

For those of you that are unsure, retargeting ads are paid advertisements that target specific users that have performed a particular action on a website, this action could be that they visited your sales page. This is particularly useful if the client has landing pages set up for the services that they offer, as you can set up retargeting ads to show those same users a set of ads related to the service that they were just looking at.

For instance if you were scrolling through a dentist’s website and you were viewing their Teeth Whitening page, I could set up retargeting ads so that the next time you visit Facebook; you would see an ad from that particular Dentist with an offer for teeth whitening services, hopefully tempting you into the sale at the second, third or even tenth time of asking.

Which businesses are running Google ads?

Businesses that are running paid Google ads will have their websites displayed at the top of specific search results, and they will always include a small, green logo that says “Ad” next to it. The Ad sign is often found next to the website’s URL. These businesses will more than likely only display their website for key terms that relate to their business, such as a Dentist’s website being shown when you search for “Teeth Whitening” or “Orthodontics”.

Why are retargeting ads so effective?

The main reason why I recommend implementing retargeting ads in your marketing strategy, is because the majority of people are unlikely to purchase a product or service at the first time of asking, especially if it’s a high-priced item, that’s why it’s important to target those people with ads until they cave in and purchase the item.

Not only that, but retargeting ads also perform much better than standard ads as these people have already expressed an interest in your product or service, especially as they would have searched for the keywords specifically on Google, therefore you’ll be saving money by making the ads exclusive to website visitors only – instead of displaying them to anyone & everyone.

But are they running Facebook Ads already?

In order to see whether a business is utilising the Facebook retargeting ads strategy, you’ll want to install the Facebook Pixel Helper extension for Google Chrome. What this neat little tool does is show you whether the business’ website has the Facebook Pixel installed, which is essential if said business is looking to run retargeting ads. Without the Facebook Pixel then there’s no way of the business tracking their website visitors AND target them specifically on Facebook.

Which industries should you target?

There really is no limit to the type of business that you can help, in fact you might find that the more obscure the business is, the more likely it is that you can help them. That being said though you’re going to want to get in touch with businesses that can afford your services, and also provide a great service, because at the end of the day there’s no point you sending them leads if they can’t close the deals.

How should you contact them?

More often than not, a business will have a contact form that you can use to get in touch with them, however if you’re confident enough then you might have more success by cold calling them instead. Reason being is that business owners tend to receive thousands of emails every day, and after a while they tend to label them all as spam. If you decide to call them instead then you’ll drastically reduce your chances of being ignored (or rejected).

Check out this post on how to improve your cold calling game today!

If you do decide to email them instead, then you’ll need to understand that cold emailing is a numbers game. A lot of people are going to say “No”, and even more are going to ignore you. Don’t get too emotional about it, just send the email and move on to the next.

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Another great tip, is to go through the ads on your Facebook feed. If you find an ad that you feel could genuinely be improved, then reach out to the business and explain how you can improve their results (and save them money!)

What to do when they ask for previous results

If a potential client is asking you for previous results or a portfolio of work, when you haven’t got any yet, then you might find yourself in a 50/50 decision between lying to them, or owning up to the fact that you’re just starting out. Out of the two options I would suggest you do the latter, however, there is a third option which will fair much better for you…

Instead of saying that you don’t have any previous experience, then you can always say that any results that your clients have achieved, do not directly correspond to the results that you may or may not get for your new prospective client. To clarify, the majority of your work will be spent researching what will (and won’t) work for your new client, irrespective of whether you’ve had success in that industry in the past. Your prospective client might appreciate that you’re not providing a template service, and actually care about the success of their business.

Alternatively, you’d ideally want to start picking up new clients and getting great testimonials from them, which you can then share with your new prospects. Check out this post on how to get perfect testimonials from your clients.

Things to consider

One key point to consider when when acquiring new Facebook Ad clients, is whether or not their website is optimised to take on new business in the first place. After all, there’s going to be businesses online that are running paid ads on Google, however when you visit there website it’s, well… it’s a mess. If that’s the case then you’ll want to either build them the website yourself (if that’s one of the services that you offer) or alternatively you can outsource the work to a decent web designer instead.

If you’ve got Facebook Ad clients that are in need of a new website, in order to make the most from their marketing strategies, then feel free to refer them on to me, as I offered finder fee payments to all referees when they send me new clients. For more information on this, you can contact me here.


You can save yourself a lot of headaches when trying to find Facebook Ad clients, by searching for & contacting businesses that are already running paid ads on Google, as they’ve already shown that they have a marketing budget and are going to be concerned that they’re leaving money on the table – by not following up with lose website visitors.

Do you have any Facebook Ad clients? How did you acquire them? I’d be eager to find out in the comments section below!

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