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9 Top Online Business Ideas You Can Start For Cheap

Profit is profit regardless of what the business is. So if you’re just starting out and you’re here looking for the cheapest business to start then you’re in the right place. As an entrepreneur, it is your sole mission to solve problems for others. With that in mind, there’s money to be made wherever you look. All you need is an open mind, a go-getter attitude and a willingness to help others. Business really doesn’t have to

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9 Avoidable Ways To Lose A Client

9 Avoidable Ways You Can Lose A Good Client

I’m hoping that you’re reading this post because you’re a proactive entrepreneur that wants to avoid making unnecessary mistakes ahead of time, but I’m ready to concede to the fact that you’re probably reading this because you messed up – big time. Most business owners will know just what it’s like to lose a client, but not all of them will have learnt from their mistakes. Today you can do just that, as I highlight the list

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The Best Way To Use Your Client Testimonials

4 Ways To Turn Client Testimonials Into Crazy Lead Magnets

If you’ll learn anything today, it’s that not all client testimonials are created equal. In this blog post I’ll be explaining the different ways that you can get client reviews, and how you can implement them in your marketing strategy to get ‘the most bang for your buck’. Before you consider how you’re going to use your testimonials in reviews, you’ll need to actually get some. When approaching a client for a review, the first thing you’ll

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How to make money on Pinterest - Mike Walters

How To Make Money Online Using Pinterest

For a long time Pinterest had been one of those platforms which I never really understood, and it wasn’t until I gave it a proper try that I realised how powerful it really is, especially when it comes to making money online. If you’re wondering how you can do just that then you’re in luck, as not only will I explain why Pinterest is important to growing your business, but also how you can grow your account

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Getting New Clients As An Introvert - Mike Walters

An Introvert’s Guide To Getting New Clients

For those of you that don’t know, I’m quite an introverted person and have been for as long as I’ve known. For some reason I’ve always suffered with anxiety in a wide range of different scenarios, and I’ve yet to find a solution as to how to deal with all of them. With that in mind, it’s made it increasingly difficult to grow my own business; as networking tends to play a huge part in finding &

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The Biggest Mistake You Can Make In Business - Mike Walters

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make In Business

If you’ve already started an online business, you’ll know that there’s more to entrepreneurship than just sipping cocktails on the beaches of Anguilla. There’s a lot to learn about successfully running a business, which in turn will include making a lot of mistakes. Today though I will be teaching you the most valuable business lesson of all. “You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” Sam

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How To Sell Affiliate Products On WordPress - Mike Walters

How To Sell Affiliate Products On WordPress

Found a product or service that you love, and want to make some money from it? Well, then you might want to consider adding affiliate products to your WordPress site. Affiliate referrals are a great, effortless way to bring in passive income. To start earning affiliate income from third-party businesses, you’ll first be required to join their respective affiliate programs, or at the very least get a unique referral link from them. You can then insert the

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7 Best Ways To Monetize Your Website - Mike Walters

7 Best Ways To Monetize Your Website

Are you interested in making some passive income? Or perhaps you’ve already got an existing site and thinking of making some money from the traffic you’re getting? In either event, this post will show you seven of the best ways to monetize your website & have your business working for you. In order to get the most out of your website, it’s crucial to first understand the basics of business & marketing. You see, the reason why

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How To Price Your Services - Mike Walters

Here’s How Much To Charge For Your Services

“How much should I charge my client?” is a question often asked by freelancers. After all, you don’t want to scare off your first potential client by charging too much, but you don’t want to be charging peanuts and end up begging your old boss for your job back either. It’s a tricky situation and one that can lead to imposter syndrome, but i’m here to tell you that there are plenty of people out there willing

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How To Deal With Difficult Clients And How To Avoid Them - Mike Walters

How To Deal With Difficult Clients (And Avoid Them)

Ughh… they’ve emailed you, again. It’s the 5th time this week, and it’s only Monday morning. “Can you just change these 10 things, it will only take 2 minutes”. What started out as a short-term project, somehow turned into a long-term nightmare. After the hundredth request, you contemplate folding up your laptop, chucking it out of the nearest window & joining a faraway tribe. But before you do that, I’ll show you how to deal with difficult

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