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How To Use Instagram Hashtags - The Ultimate Guide - Mike Walters

How To Use Instagram Hashtags: The Ultimate Guide

Hashtags can play a huge part in growing your Instagram account, especially when you consider that one of my accounts is gaining 500-1,000 new followers a day, purely from just posting and utilising relevant hashtags! In this guide, you’ll find out which tags to use, how to find them, where to place them & also how to avoid getting the dreaded shadowban! Let’s crack on. What is a Hashtag? Why are Hashtags Important? Where to find good

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Why You Should Use The $1.80 Strategy For Instagram - Mike Walters

Growing Your Instagram With The $1.80 Strategy

Whether it be for business or personal vanity, many Instagram users tend to struggle when trying to grow their online following. It can be very demoralising when you’re putting out, what you feel is, great content and you’re getting next-to-no likes or comments. You’ll be left wondering, “How can I get engagement on my posts?” Well, the $1.80 Strategy is without doubt one of the best methods of growing your Instagram account, but firstly… what is it?

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