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Is This Cadbury's Sweetest Advert Yet? - Mike Walters

Is This Cadbury’s Sweetest Advert Yet?

Iconic confectionery brand, Cadbury, has released a brand new campaign to tackle loneliness, more specifically amongst those in the elderly community. In Cadbury’s latest advert it’s claimed that over 1.4 million older people struggle with loneliness in the UK alone, and as such, Cadbury felt they had to do something about it. It’s also been reported that over 225,000 older people go a whole week without speaking to anyone, including their family or friends, with one common

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How To Sell Affiliate Products On WordPress - Mike Walters

How To Sell Affiliate Products On WordPress

Found a product or service that you love, and want to make some money from it? Well, then you might want to consider adding affiliate products to your WordPress site. Affiliate referrals are a great, effortless way to bring in passive income. To start earning affiliate income from third-party businesses, you’ll first be required to join their respective affiliate programs, or at the very least get a unique referral link from them. You can then insert the

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How To Quickly Set Up 'Rich Pins' On Pinterest - Mike Walters

How To Quickly Set Up ‘Rich Pins’ On Pinterest

If you’re clicking on this post then you may have already realised that Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms around, especially when trying to build your website traffic & brand. That being said, it can be hard to get momentum going on the platform, and even when you do – you’re always looking to improve. That’s where Rich Pins might help. One way to improve your pin’s conversion rates would be to enable ‘Rich

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7 Best Ways To Monetize Your Website - Mike Walters

7 Best Ways To Monetize Your Website

Are you interested in making some passive income? Or perhaps you’ve already got an existing site and thinking of making some money from the traffic you’re getting? In either event, this post will show you seven of the best ways to monetize your website & have your business working for you. In order to get the most out of your website, it’s crucial to first understand the basics of business & marketing. You see, the reason why

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The Best Way To Write Your Blog Posts - Mike Walters

This Is The Best Way To Write Your Blog Posts

Interested in blogging but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. Writer’s block is a common obstacle that many blogging newcomers face when first starting out. In this post i’ll show you THE best way of how to structure a blog post. Not only will you learn about how to structure your posts, you’ll also learn great techniques to speed up your writing and optimise your posts for search engines (SEO)

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10 Ways To Consistently Get New Blog Post Ideas - Mike Walters

10 Ways To Consistently Get New Post Ideas

So you’ve gone to write a new post but your brain is completely fried. “How do I come up with a good blog post idea?” Don’t worry, we’ve all been through the dreaded writer’s block. In this post i’m going to show you 10 different ways that you can consistently find new inspiration for your blog posts. Before we dive into the different ways to find new topics to write about, it’s worth mentioning that you should

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50 Best Entrepreneurs To Follow On Social Media - Mike Walters

50 Best Entrepreneurs To Follow On Social Media

In this post you’ll find my list of the 50 Best Entrepreneurs to Follow on Social Media. This list includes 50 business owners, in no particular order, that consistently provide a wealth of knowledge & experience to their followers. I write this post as I simultaneously unfollow all of the s*** that I’ve liked over the years, as I believe that in order to succeed; you need to surround yourself with the right people, not only with

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How To Check If You've Been Shadow-Banned On Instagram

The Instagram Shadow Ban: What You Need To Know

You spend hours taking the perfect picture, editing it, writing an amazing caption, finding the best hashtags and yet – no one can see it! Why? Because you’ve been shadow banned on Instagram. It’s Bulls***! Okay, I’ve calmed down now… Let’s proceed. What is an Instagram Shadow Ban? A shadow ban is a restriction on your Instagram account, whereby your posts won’t show on any of the hashtags used in the captions or comments. So if your

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How To Add Line-Breaks In Your Instagram Captions - Mike Walters

How To Add Line Breaks In Instagram Captions

UPDATE: You can now add spaces if you write out your captions however you want to in the Notes app on your mobile. Instagram can be a great app… until it comes to writing captions. For whatever reason, it doesn’t allow you to add line breaks directly within the mobile app itself, so we need to find alternative ways to do so. #firstworldproblems. In this post I am going to share with you the best way to

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How To Get Perfect Client Testimonials - Mike Walters

How To Get Perfect Client Testimonials

“Can you do a Free Trial first?”, “I could probably do this myself”, and “I will have to think about it” are phrases that many of us freelancers will have heard from prospective clients at one time or another. If this has been the case for you, then it’s likely that your marketing strategy would benefit greatly from adding some solid client testimonials to your portfolio. In this post I’m going to show you how to get

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