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9 Avoidable Ways To Lose A Client

9 Avoidable Ways You Can Lose A Good Client

I’m hoping that you’re reading this post because you’re a proactive entrepreneur that wants to avoid making unnecessary mistakes ahead of time, but I’m ready to concede to the fact that you’re probably reading this because you messed up – big time. Most business owners will know just what it’s like to lose a client, but not all of them will have learnt from their mistakes. Today you can do just that, as I highlight the list

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40 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Staring at the screen wondering which film to watch for inspiration, motivation or just to kill an evening? Not to worry, to save you the headache I’ll be providing forty entrepreneur movies that cover all aspects of business, ranging from leadership to determination, also including case studies (of what not to do). If you’re like me and overly picky when deciding what to watch, randomly generate a number between 1 and 40 and watch away! Although the

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Getting New Clients As An Introvert - Mike Walters

An Introvert’s Guide To Getting New Clients

For those of you that don’t know, I’m quite an introverted person and have been for as long as I’ve known. For some reason I’ve always suffered with anxiety in a wide range of different scenarios, and I’ve yet to find a solution as to how to deal with all of them. With that in mind, it’s made it increasingly difficult to grow my own business; as networking tends to play a huge part in finding &

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How To Grow A Small Business With Social Media - Mike Walters

How To Grow A Small Business With Social Media

Just started up and wondering how to get clients? Or perhaps you’ve been running a business for some time and struggling to bring in any sales? Either way, in this post i’ll help you to understand the purpose of social media for your small business, how it works and you how you can utilise it to consistently increase your sales. The first thing you’ll need to establish is which social media platform(s) you should be using, because

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The Biggest Mistake You Can Make In Business - Mike Walters

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make In Business

If you’ve already started an online business, you’ll know that there’s more to entrepreneurship than just sipping cocktails on the beaches of Anguilla. There’s a lot to learn about successfully running a business, which in turn will include making a lot of mistakes. Today though I will be teaching you the most valuable business lesson of all. “You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” Sam

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Why You Should Niche Down Your Business Or Blog - Mike Walters

Why You Should Niche Down Your Business

If you’ve been in business long enough, i.e. 2 minutes, then you’ll be aware of many experts advising you to ‘niche down’ when starting up your own business or blog. I know that my initial reaction to this was to brush it off, purely because I had so many interests in so many different areas, and I wanted to cater to everyone. In reality though, taking the general approach can slow your momentum down massively when trying

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15 Things To Know Before Starting A New Business - Mike Walters

15 Things To Know Before Starting A New Business

Starting up your very own business can be an exciting time, filled with dreams and wonderful thoughts of sitting on the beach, sipping on margarita’s and surrounded with your best mates. However the reality of that whole situation is, well… unrealistic. Most people, including myself at one point, think that we can build these successful businesses, jet off around the world and retire at the age of 25, purely by slapping a few photos of our “amazing”

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The Do's And Don'ts Of Social Media For Businesses - Mike Walters

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Media For Business

Although I primarily write about business & marketing, this post can also apply to anyone in general that’s using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or even Linkedin. The reason why I write this is because there can be a certain amount of naivety or immaturity when it comes to social media, that people think they can (and should) bare all things online without any repercussions, especially when it comes to jeopardising their work opportunities. The

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10 Skills You Need In Order To Run A Successful Business - Mike Walters

10 Skills You Need To Run A Successful Business

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Perhaps you’re doubting whether you’re even capable of doing so? Well, i’m here to show you that you are. In this post you’ll learn about all of the top skills that are needed to run a business successfully. Before you begin skimming through this post, I want to first tell you that you don’t need to tick off each one right now, and that failure to do so means

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take Out A Loan To Start A Business

So you’ve got this great idea for a business in your head, perhaps you’ve been thinking about this for sometime, you’ve had enough of your day job and want to make the jump, problem is you haven’t got the money for it. You start thinking… “Should I take out a loan to start my business?” The answer is no. The problem with starting a business with a loan is that you’re already starting on the back-foot. Quite

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