How To Post On Instagram From Your Computer

If you’re like me then you’ll have been left frustrated by the fact that Instagram’s website doesn’t allow you to post any content, message anyone or do much else on the platform, which definitely sucks. For those that are looking

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How I Gained Over 100k Instagram Followers

In this post, I’ll be showing you how I gained over 100k Instagram followers on my account, @unreal.tattoos, which as you can tell is a tattoo-related account. As I write this post the account actually has 237,377 followers and is

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9 Avoidable Ways You Can Lose A Good Client

I’m hoping that you’re reading this post because you’re a proactive entrepreneur that wants to avoid making unnecessary mistakes ahead of time, but I’m ready to concede to the fact that you’re probably reading this because you messed up –

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The Best Way To Showcase Client Testimonials

If you’ll learn anything today, it’s that not all client testimonials are created equal. In this blog post I’ll be explaining the different ways that you can get client reviews, and how you can implement them in your marketing strategy

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