Scale w/ Simplicity

I help overwhelmed solopreneurs, freelancers & coaches to find clients with ease.


noun. An effective marketing strategy that helps solopreneurs, freelancers and coaches to consistently find new clients & scale their business.

“Mike’s motherfunnel made me millions.”

That was my first Google search back when I first became unemployed in early 2018.

Up until then I’d been working in finance for over 6 years, doing quite well for myself, before I became mysteriously ill and had to resign.

With my savings drying up fast, I needed a way to make some money – and quick!

What followed was years of struggle, learning how to build websites, with absolutely no idea how to sell them.

Finding potential leads was tough but converting them into paying clients? That was near impossible.

9 times out of 10 I would talk people out of hiring me.

And even on the occasions that I did make the sale, those clients would often walk all over me and leave me worse off than when we first started.

That’s when I began documenting my entrepreneurial experiences over on my blog, helping others to avoid making the same mistakes as me.

With every article that I wrote, my knowledge of branding, marketing & sales grew by another 1% each day.

I’ve since helped 100’s of solopreneurs, coaches, NYT Best Sellers and more to develop the strategies (and mindset) needed to scale their respective businesses to the next level.

Over the years I have successfully…

Rescued a local charity organization from the brink of collapse…

Securing the jobs of the entire staff, of which many of them suffer from severe anxiety, depression, autism, down syndrome and more.

Revived dying social media accounts…

Bringing accounts back from the dead, after consistently losing hundreds of followers every day for months on end.

“We’ve just recorded 7 consecutive days of positive follower growth for the first time in ages!” – Alfie, Nash Tackle

Gained 450,000+ site visitors to my blog…

Solving painful problems for others, and in return have grown my email list and sold digital products every single day, passively!

Made my clients cry…

Tears of joy of course, from having transformed their lives for the better, often after getting f***ed over by so many wantrepreneurs, fake gurus and life itself!

“Do you enjoy making women cry Mike?” – Selena Lawrence

Yes. Yes I do.

I just love seeing people fulfil their potential, especially in a world where it’s so easy to be held back and beaten down.

If that sounds like you then feel free to click the big, beige button below and book your free consultation with me.

Together we’ll figure out whether I’m a good fit for you or not. If not, I’ll happily point you in the direction of someone who is.

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